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KRC General Policy/Procedure


Kingman Recreation Commission Program Policy & Procedures



  • All programs require pre-registration unless otherwise noted.
  • No Phone-in registrations will be accepted.
  • ALL Fees are to be paid at the time of registration.
  • Classes or Programs are filled on a first come, first served basis.
  • KRC has the right to cancel any class or program for any reason.
  • If a program is cancelled, participants will be notified, and fees refunded.
  • Late Registrations will be subject to Late Fees.
  • All athletic participants must play in their age division.  Players will ONLY have the option of moving up if there is not enough in their age division to participate.  Participants will not be allowed to move down in age divisions.
  • All programs will have a “Deadline” and a “Last Day for Entry”
    • Deadline – Is the Last day to register to avoid paying a late fee.  All registrations received after the Deadline are subject to a “Late Fee”.
    • Last Day for Entry – is the Last day to register and guarantee a spot on a team.  
    • After the “Last Day for Entry”, registrations will only be accepted in order to fill a team or make teams even in the event of multiple teams in that division.
  • “Wait Lists” – Participants who wish to register for activities after the “Last Day for Entry” or after enrollment capacity has been reached will be placed on a “Wait List”.   Once or if space becomes available, participants will be notified in the order in which is listed.
  • ALL registrations must be turned in to the Kingman Recreation Commission office at 131 West A Avenue, Kingman, Kansas 67068.  Drop box is available on the Southeast corner of Avenue A and Cedar Street.  Drop box is available 24 hours/day.
  • Coach Selection Process: All KRC Coaches are volunteer.  On each form is a section to select whether you or someone over the age of 16 would want to be a “Head Coach”, “Asst. Coach”, or “Neither”.  If under the age of 21 yrs., but over the age of 16 years, they must have a “Parent Coordinator” present on the bench at all games and practices. Those that select “Head Coach” will be the first offered to coach.  If more volunteer to coach than are needed, the ones that selected “Head Coach” will be placed in a hat and drawn out until each team has a coach.  The same will be done with those that selected “Asst. Coach”


Scholarship Policy

  • If registrants are on Free/Reduced School Lunches through U.S.D. #331, Regular program registration fees will be ½ Off.
  • Registrations are still subject to any Late fees, deposits or additional program fees.
  • If participating in Dance class, Spin Class, Tae Kwon Do, Scholarships are up to the instructor.
  • If participants qualify for the KRC Scholarship, Parents must obtain the letter from the USD #331 District Office Stating Free/Reduced Lunches have been granted and provide a copy to the KRC Office.


Refund Policy

  • If program/activity is cancelled by the KRC, a full refund will be given.
  • If participant decides not to participate in activity after registration:
    • Full refund IF withdrawn before teams are selected.
    • ½ Refund IF withdrawn after teams selected but before shirts are ordered.
    • No Refund will be granted after shirts are ordered.
  • Allow ten (10) business days after KRC Office receives notification of withdrawal or program is cancelled to receive Refund Check.


Returned Check Policy

  • There will be a $35 charge on all returned checks.  Kingman Recreation Commission reserves the right to prohibit an individual/team from participating in a program until payment has been received in full.


Photo/Video Policy

  • Our staff may take pictures or videos of you or your child participating in Kingman Recreation Commission Activities.  These photographs and/or videos could be used in future publications, social media, our website, etc.  If you do not wish to have your photo and/or video published, please inform the photographer or Director.  Photos and/or videos are used at KRC’s discretion and become sole property.


Riverside Sports Complex Policies

  • Concession Stand Policy
    • Concession stand will be open during KRC Sponsored Events, Kingman High School Baseball/Softball Games or Public Events approved by the KRC.
    • Concession stand use for Public Events must be accompanied by application and approval of the KRC Board of Directors at the Regularly scheduled monthly board meeting with a minimum of 14 calendars days prior to the event. 
    • Public Entity Application for Concessions Form is available at the Kingman Recreation Commission office at 131 West A Avenue, Kingman, Kansas or online at under “Policy/Procedure.”
  • Restroom Policy
    • KRC Owned Restrooms will be open during KRC Sponsored Events, Kingman High School Baseball/Softball Games or Public Event approved by the KRC.
    • Restroom Reservation Request is required for approval, a minimum of five (5) business days in advance of scheduled event date. *If request is for a tournament, the Restroom Request form must be completely filled out and presented at the KRC Monthly Board meeting a minimum of 14 Calendar days prior to the start of the tournament.
    • Restroom Request for Activity Form is available at the Kingman Recreation Commission office at 131 West A Avenue, Kingman, Kansas or online at under “Policy/Procedure.”
  • Field Reservation Policy
    • All field reservations must go through the Kingman Recreation Commission. (620) 532-2761
    • Field Reservations are free of charge but are limited to 1 1/2-hour time slots.  If nobody shows after the 1 1/2-hour limit is up, you may continue.  If additional teams show up after the specified reservation, please be respectful and let them use the field(s)
    • In the case that a field reservation will require more than the 1 1/2-hour allotted time, the field/facilities must be rented to guarantee that extra time.  See Field Rental Policy below.
    • KRC associated teams get priority.
    • Teams not associated with the KRC (traveling teams, Out of District Teams etc.) are subject to the same rules and regulations and possibly fees.
    • Field Reservation Calendar is located under “Calendars” at
  • Field Rental Policy           
    • If an organization, company or group would like to rent one of the KRC Baseball/Softball Fields for more than the allotted one (1) hour time slot, i.e. scrimmage, league game (other than Twin Rivers League, or tournament:
      • Application must be filled out and returned to the KRC prior to the monthly KRC Board meeting a minimum of 14 days prior to the start of the event.
      • Field Rental Agreement/Application is available at the Kingman Recreation Commission office at 131 West A Avenue, Kingman, Kansas or online at under “Policy/Procedure.”


Inclement Weather Policy

  • Inclement Weather policy is in accordance with USD #331.  If school is cancelled due to weather, ALL Kingman Recreation Commission Youth Activities, including practices, games, classes will be cancelled for that day.
  • In the event of Inclement Weather at Kingman Recreation Commission Activities on weekends or during summer games/activities.  The Kingman Recreation Commission will make a decision, contact coaches and post on the KRC Facebook page. 
  • Current weather and weather forecasts are used in the decision process.
  • Kingman Recreation Commission reserves the right to cancel/postpone ANY and/or ALL games/tournaments/scrimmages/etc. being held on KRC fields due to inclement weather, including Non KRC Activities.

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